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Wednesday 15 April 2020

LadyBug Tools

"In 2016, we started re-writing Ladybug Tools to provide them as cross-platform Python libraries and plugins for Grasshopper and Dynamo. After more than a year of work, Mostapha and Theodore released the Butterfly plugin in March 20, 2017. Butterfly adds Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation to Ladybug Tools by connecting Grasshopper and Dynamo to OpenFOAM. After the release of Butterfly Mostapha and Sarith released the first version of Honeybee[+] in August 2017. We are currently in the process of linking Ladybug Tools with more analysis engines such as the Urban Weather Generator, and the SyntheticWeather engine for climate change projections (soon to be released under Dragonfly). With the help from Theo, we are also developing Ladybug Tools for web. To ensure the long-term sustainability of the project as it grows exponentially, Mostapha and Chris co-founded Ladybug Tools LLC in August 2017 to provide commercial services around the project. These include contracted developments, project consulting, cloud computing, and training. These activities help fund the continued development, maintenance and release of Ladybug Tools and help make it a strongly viable, commercially supported, open source project. Throughout this time, many developers tirelessly contributed to the community in many ways. As a result of their efforts, Ladybug Tools has grown into multiple inter-connected libraries and plugins that are used in academia as well as architecture and engineering offices worldwide. They allow for a wide range of analyses from climate visualization to computational fluid dynamics and have changed the face of environmental building design through their application to projects. With the development ongoing and the community evergrowing, we are excited about the infinite possibilities that lie ahead in the future!" to find out more... 

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