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Dynamo Script

+ Flexi Cuboid - A cuboid with a void created with their length, width, height and levels adjustable to suit users' needs.
+ Mix-used Massing - A massing simulation of a mix-used development with two tower blocks sitting on a podium with basement car parks. The project is to show stack-able flexible use of cuboid.

Python/Dynamo Script
+ Pixelated Form - Pixelated form with its height linked to R/G/B or alpha value of an image developed with Python/Dynamo through 'nested loop'.

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Dynamo Scripts 
Automated Rebar Designs with Dynamo Player
   (Automate rebar design with Dynamo Player (area reinforcement or complex path reinforcement. More info ...
Dynamo Example Files 
Element View Generation in Revit with Dynamo
   (Automate generation of detail (section) views of some specific Revit elements by means of a Dynamo graph. More info ...
Fire Exit Risk Assessment with Revit and Dynamo
   (Automate the definition of the shortest routes between a room exit and the nearest emergency exit. More info ...) + Live Design Clash Verification & Crane Positioning Optimisation *
   (Create a live link between Revit and Navisworks with Dynamo and improve clash free designs upfront. Analysis of the position of a crane on site.)
Roof Tile Generator
Room Size Indicator
Structural Optmisation Techniques *
   (Analyse and optimising analysis models in Robot Structural Analysis with Dynamo. More info ...)
Winning with Dynamo
   (Dynamo scripts to improve designer workflows.)
* Sign up for account required.

Dynamo Packages
   (Set of practical nodes that extend Dynamo's ability to interact with Revit. Nodes include basic list operations to advanced Analysis. More info ...)
   (Dynamo and Excel Interop.)
Clockwork for Dynamo
   (Collection of 390+ custom nodes e.g. for list management, mathematical operations, string operations, geometric operations (mainly bounding boxes, planes, points, surfaces, Uvs and vectors) and paneling.)
   (Extends the user functionality of Dynamo scripts. More info ...)
LunchBox for Dynamo
   (Collection of reusable geometry and data management nodes e.g. surface paneling, geometry, Revit data collection etc. More Info ....)
Mantis Shrimp
   (Interoperability project that allows the importing of Grasshopper and/or Rhino geometry into Dynamo. More info ...)
   (Optimise self-defined design problems by using various evolutionary algorithms.)
   (Collection of 180+ nodes to help Revit project maintain Rhythm with Dynamo.)
Spring Nodes
   (Nodes to implement a Dynamo workflow.)
The Dynamo Primer: Dynamo Example Files
   (Comprehensive guide to visual programming in Autodesk Dynamo Studio.)
Dynamo Videos

Learn Dynamo
Autodesk Dynamo Tutorials
Computational BIM Workshop—Advanced
Easy Steps for Dynamo Beginners
Getting Started With Dynamo
Learn Dynamo for Revit in 10 Minutes (DIY Dynamo)
Revit - Dynamo
Revit 2018.1 New Feature - Dynamo Player Inputs

Advanced Sorting and Grouping in Dynamo
Autodesk Revit + Dynamo: Create Views by Level
Construction Dynam(o)ite—Explode Productivity with Dynamo
Dynamo - Lesson 04 - Set Multiple Parameters
Export and Import Revit Data to Excel using Dynamo
Get and Set Revit Parameters with Dynamo
How to Create a Project Dashboard using Revit, Dynamo and Excel
How To: Leverage Dynamo to Create Views and Sheets
Renumber Revit Sheets Using Dynamo
Revit | Dynamo | Duplicate Sheets with Views
Using Dynamo to Set the Door Number using the Room Number

Autodesk® Dynamo Studio: 35 Floor Level Tower
Conceptual Design Revit + Dynamo
Create Elements by Intersection - Advanced Computational Design in Dynamo
Creating Hardscape to Match Topography - Advanced Computational Design in Dynamo
How to Model a Skyscraper using Revit, Dynamo and Lunchbox
Learn How to Model a Parametric Stadium - Computational Design ( Using Dynamo)

05 Revit - Bridge Superstructure Family Creation
Automatic Rebar Detailing of Wall-Based Buildings Using Dynamo and ETABS
Bridge from Scratch in Dynamo
Building Constructions - Bow Truss - Advanced Computational Design in Dynamo
Computational BIM with Dynamo and Revit for Structural Trusses
Conceptual Structural Design Using Revit Adaptive Components and Dynamo
Dynamo for Structure
Framing a Complex Roof in Revit Using Dynamo
Revit 2017 and Dynamo Tutorial Creating Piled Wall Systems

AI MEP: Beyond Dynamo, Machine Learning to predict HVAC performance
Automatic pipe sizing in Revit using Excel and Dynamo
Creating Even Smarter MEP Families and Workflows Via Revit and Dynamo
Demo: Managing Electrical Systems with Dynamo and Revit
Dynamo for Revit MEP - Pipe Opening
Dynamo Revit - Lookup Table Example - Electrical Circuit Ratings
Dynamo and Fabrication Parts in Revit: What Can Be Done with It?
Mechanical Systems Dashboard for Revit with Dynamo
Revit, Dynamo and Navisworks for better MEP Coordination
Using Dynamo to Populate Air Terminals with Space Information

80,000 Cubic Meters of Concrete: Revit and Dynamo for Project Managers
Dynamo for Construction Workflows
Dynamo for Contractors: Practical Applications with Dynamo for Revit for Contractors
Dynamo Studio Model Information Analysis for Construction Builders

Autodesk Revit Add-ins
BScore Add-In Manual and

Autodesk Revit Tutorials
Autodesk Conceptual Design Curriculum
Autodesk BIM for Architecture, Engineering and Construction Management Curriculum
   (Tutorials, videos and workbooks for BIM design practices with integrated project delivery concepts in architecture, engineering and construction management)
Autodesk Building Energy Analysis Tutorials
   (Videos and tutorials on performing simulations on BIM models to produce analysis and digital prototypes of a project)
Autodesk: Scheduling
   (Exercises on scheduling, 4D simulation etc.)
Autodesk WikiHelp
   (Revit User’s Guide) Revit Tutorials
   (Tutorials and videos on Revit)
CAD Digest Revit Tutorials
   (Articles, tips & tricks on Revit)

Autodesk Revit Videos
Autodesk Constructability Workflow
Autodesk Construction Management
   (Video tutorials and exercises for construction management)
Autodesk User Group International (AUGI) – Video Tutorials for Revit Architecture
Jim Cowan’s YouTube Channel
   (Videos on creating Building Information Models using Revit)
Online Help for Revit Architecture, Revit Structure and Revit MEP
   (Videos, articles and online help with contributions from the Autodesk community) 

Bentley Podcasts
Bentley Architecture V8i Podcasts 


BlenderBIM and Community

Graphisoft Learn (tutorials)
Graphisoft ArchiCAD-Talk (User Group)
BIMcomponents. (DOL)
+ Online Tutorials

Trimble Tekla Videos
Tekla Campus - Tekla Structures Learning
Tekla BIMsight Videos
   (Videos for construction project collaboration such as checking for clashes and sharing information)

Trimble Tekla User Group
Tekla Structures Forum

CostX Articles
CostX website
CostX & BIM
BIM & CostX Paper
CostX Drawing File Optimisation Document 

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   (Quantity Takeoff for Architecture and Structure):
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MagiCAD for HVAC and Electrical Design
+ MagiCAD
+ 1169 objects given by MagiCAD:
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Green Building Environment Simulation Technology (GrBEST)