Innovations & Integrations (Community of Practice)


Challenges in the Built Environment Sector
The Built Environment Sector often faces challenges such as inefficient workflows, frequent rework due to planning errors, and poor data management. This leads to costly on-site changes and coordination issues among users of different software, disrupting work processes.

Computational BIM Community of Practice (CoP) 
Since 2019, we have been actively growing the Computational Building Information Modelling (BIM) Community of Practice (CoP). Computational BIM's novel approach involves using user-defined algorithms, such as custom scripts for data analysis or automated design processes, to automate the generation and manipulation of building-related data for enhanced project efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. This initiative significantly reduces project time by enabling computers to efficiently handle repetitive tasks and create optimised design options within the framework of predefined project parameters and multi-objective setups.

Recent Movement
As a collaborative group, the CoP is advancing its exploration into the convergence of computational Building Information Modelling (BIM) with digital technologies. This includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA), Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, 5G, and others. The goal is to drive the construction industry forward through technological advancements and practical applications. This progress is achieved by fostering an environment conducive to open knowledge-sharing and collaborative initiatives. These efforts are focused on developing integrated digital solutions and outcomes. For instance, the use case of exploring well-defined shared parameters with own datasets in modular DfMA building components that enhances our ability to manage changes and streamline cross-disciplinary coordination in construction projects for measurable key performance index, such as time and cost savings, quality and safety improvements and efficient resources management.

Explorations and Impact
This group, comprising diverse professionals from the construction sector, including developers, contractors, and researchers, is dedicated to leveraging advanced Computational BIM and digital technologies. Through open sharing of experiences and project cases, they aim to foster smarter, sustainable, and resilient construction practices. This integration is a dynamic journey, continuously evolving traditional methods for greater efficiency and effectiveness in the construction industry.

Workshops for Innovations and Integrations
We offer both physical and hybrid workshops covering various topics of Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) and Integrated Planning and Design (IPD) with practical use cases and solutions sharing, to promote collaborative growth and skill development. We also conduct periodical targeted surveys and engage focus group discussions with individuals and firms, to identify and solve key challenges. 
We invite everyone interested to join, collaborate, and innovate for more cohesive solutions.

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Past activities

Pictures below showcase past physical activities from 2019 - 2020, before the Covid-19 pandemic.