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Tuesday 28 April 2020

Government Commercial Cloud

"The Government Commercial Cloud Service brings the modern innovations and capabilities of commercial cloud computing platforms to less sensitive Government systems. These leading ICT capabilities are augmented by robust cybersecurity measures and systems, to protect the data that resides on commercial cloud platforms. 

Multinational conglomerates like Amazon, Google and Microsoft are leading the cloud computing revolution, providing organisations with Commercial Cloud options that are scalable and customisable. Rather than mired in the cost and hassle of racking, stacking and maintaining computing hardware on-site, developer teams can instead focus on what they do best—build and deliver digital applications that create value for stakeholders within and beyond their organisation.

Government agencies can tap on commercial cloud software to incorporate advanced functionalities into their digital services, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. 

Application testing and deployment can be automated and done in real-time, speeding up the delivery of high-quality Government digital services to citizens and businesses. 

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