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Sunday 9 December 2018

Blender for Architecture

Research has proven the use of evolutionary design (Fraser, 1995Janssen, 2005) with Houdini (Janssen, Basol & Chen, 2011).

Questions -
  1. Blender is meant for animation, rigging, rendering, can it be used for engineering or architecture? 
  2. Is it worth the effort to learn and hack the tool for architectural design since it is cost-free?
My personal view:
Q1: It is not impossible. Some community found in below links.
Q2: Blender's poly modelling is awesome, and it is offered as a freeware! Supported with Python Scripting Environment, real-time rendering update, Animation and so on. Anyway, Python skill is needed to explore using Blender for iterative architectural design with the algorithmic approach. I think the key is not about the software but the programming skills developed along the way of using it for generative designs.

Manage to get the answer from Prof. Ludger Hovestadt:
With an amazing series of know-how on YouTube by Prof. Ludger Hovestadt [accessed 15May2019]:

There is a community of practice found here:
Other Versions:

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